11 Wix site Examples (+ the way they Compare to WordPress)

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Why Wix internet site examples? Well, Wix happens to be probably the most popular internet site builders on the market and a genuine competitor to WordPress. Both can perform stuff that is great assist your organization grow. Also though it works quite differently and gives various platforms, Wix and WordPress can get toe to toe in terms of the ultimate outcomes: you getting a good internet site that meets your requirements completely.

To prove that, you want to explain to you a set that is nice of internet site examples with their WordPress-made counterparts. Just what exactly you think, whom wore it better, Wix or WordPress?

Wix site examples vs WordPress

1. Monica Pack Pilates

A website about physical fitness and workout, developed as a solitary page and utilizing a fantastic parallax impact involving the parts. The look has colorful and elements that are catchy.

Torno Bambino

This really is a web site of the studio that is creative Italy, specialized in front-end design and development. The website has simply the same one-page, parallax and colorful design. Just about the exact same framework, just they’ve been employed for various subjects.

2. Animal Music

A website that is nice of agency specialized in video clip marketing. The look is not difficult: a video clip header having a brief introduction about the group, accompanied by a 2-column profile with big pictures.

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