The History of Sports Betting Legislation in the USA (Part I)

1607: The First Settlers Arrive at Jamestown, Virginia

Settlers of early united states history of sports gambling legislation part IWith the first American settlers came the first games of chance. Of course, attitudes towards gambling differed between Colonial American colonies, but there weren’t any enforced large limitations on any kind of gambling at this moment.

In fact, lots of colonies used lotteries (or lottery-style) gaming games to create capital for community projects like colleges or agricultural advancements.

1769: The British Crown Bans The Lottery
Lotteries were a crucial part of improving and establishing the two universities and secondary schools. In reality, many of America’s most prestigious universities — including Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia — were started with the assistance of lottery earnings.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that, when the British Crown made a decision to place a blanket limitation on those lotteries in 1769, it radically raised tensions between American settlers and England.

1775-1783: Financing the War for American Independence
Believe it or not, the lottery has been really utilized to finance the American Revolution. Obviously, one of the main reasons the American Revolution was fought would be to set a highly effective central government capable of raising an army and protecting the rights and interests of American states.

Lacking a strong tax base that has been independent of England, American revolutionaries had to get creative to increase the revenue they would have to finance a military to fight the British.

Early Americans looked as procedures to the lotteries to raise earnings. This was a highly successful approach. Citizens of different states participated in the lotteries willingly, and did not think about the lottery a conventional”tax”

It is not a stretch to state that, without the favorable effect of the revolution age lotteries, the American Revolution may not have been effective.

1783: American Revolution Ends, Lottery Legally Reinstated
Founding fathers of the united nations history of sports betting legislation component I

With independence from England, official restrictions on the lottery and gaming were rescinded. This was just one of several aspects of self-determination that Americans were allowed following their independence from the crown.

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